Which Type of Cake Should You Get for Your Loved Ones?

A cake is an integral part of any celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and exam results are all occasions to be celebrated with cake. Gone are the days when a simple send flower to Agra search would end your quest for the perfect gift.

While they are the first requirement for a party, you may find it difficult to choose what kind of cake to get. Which delicious baked goods are ideal for the event? 

So, this article will answer all your questions about types of cakes to make choosing one easier.

Frosted Cakes

Frosted cakes are extremely popular. They are well-liked amongst all age groups and are made in several flavours to appease the tastes of the masses. 

If your party attendees are primarily kids, it is suggested to look for online cake delivery in Alappuzha to satisfy kids yet indulge in some calorie-dense cake.

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are exquisite. They are usually preferred by an older audience that wishes to have a sweet piece of cake without the excess calories from the frosting. 

Kids may not select this option as the cake is left bare without any extra cream and frosting.


Cheesecakes are not very popular as they are relatively new. They are light and flavorful, and a single slice goes a long way. 

Most cake shops do not provide cheesecakes as a regular menu item, but a quick search for online cake delivery in Agartala will show you the available options.


With sweets, less is never more. One bite does not satisfy your sweet craving. With cupcakes, convenience is guaranteed. They are made for individual consumption, so there is no need for an extravagant cake-cutting ceremony.

While it does do away with the highly anticipated cake-cutting ceremony, it also eliminates any mess. With cupcakes, customization is possible at home, and a wide range of assorted treats can be purchased, providing variety. They are also fewer calories than cakes frosted with decadent frosting. Cupcakes are great for celebrations with adult attendees.


Muffins are not ideal cake replacements. They are similar to cupcakes in looks but very different in texture. They are closer to bread than cakes. They make for good treats in the middle of the day but may not be the best alternatives for a birthday cake.

It is best to keep muffins for a late afternoon or evening snack.


Pastries are excellent for small parties. Buying pastries is cheaper than buying an entire cake. They also have the added advantage of buying how many pieces are required rather than purchasing a whole cake that is usually at least 500 grams.

It is also easier to keep track of consumption and eliminate the process of cutting and distributing. A wide assortment of flavours can be purchased to give party attendees their pick instead of only providing one flavour.


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