Top 5 Blossoms to Keep in Your Garden That Attract Bees

Bees are very crucial garden insects that pollinate several ornamentals and edibles. Native herbs are always an incredible option for enticing native bees. However, many ornamental blossoms will also enable them to support and feed the bee population. Hence, you can opt for online flower bouquet delivery in Kottayam and get a wide range of blossoms at once to put in your garden. 

However, when choosing the bouquet of flowers, make sure that you select the ones that bees like and bloom many times throughout your thriving season. This will ensure that bees have a cause to come back to your backyard month after month. Here are the blossoms that attract bees.

  • Lavender

Lavender entices bees like a magnet while blossoming. This herb is left alone by rabbits and deers, but its aroma entices the bees. The crucial factor in thriving this herb is direct sunlight and drained soil. Its bright silvery leaves make a winter lawn look amazing. 

Lavender is extremely productive. You can also adorn your residence with some of its limbs; still, there will be several left for insects like bees. So, you can easily get the lavender through the best online flower bouquet delivery in Pathanamthitta.

  • Sunflower

These flowers are a favourite blossom of several beneficial bee populations. Tolerant of most soils and effortless to establish, sunflowers can thrive just anywhere. 

You must also thrive on sunflowers for birdseed. You can opt for these beautiful sunflowers for your loved ones to get the best. 

  • Black-eyed Susan

If you are searching for a honeybee’s favourite herb, then black-eyed Susan is the ideal option for it. This optimistic addition can entice bees to its colourful yellow hue with brown-centred blossoms where bees relish sucking nectar. 

It can exist for years, and there is no requirement to replant this herb anytime soon. Relish its existence in your bee lawn and see how positive it feels for bees. 

Besides, you can also pair your garden-harvested black-eyed Susan flowers with a birthday cake Premium for the special occasion. 

  • Calendula

You are probably also aware of this edible blossom. The orange and yellowish-white petals were once utilized to flavour soups. 

Besides, they also thrive in full light with well-drained and moist soil. It develops in cooler weather. This flower gives years of nectar and beauty to bees on the lawn.

  • Borage

The bright blue star-shaped blooms of borage are noticeable on the lawn and entice bees. You can consume the cucumber-flavoured leaves sauteed, steamed, and raw. 

This is an annual self-seed plant, so the flowers of this plant will be a long-lasting partner of the lawn. And you will retain a lot of seedlings to enjoy with friends and family.


So, these are the flowers that attract bees. If you want a perfect territory for bees, these flowers might enable you and the bees to be in a better area. Insects like bees might be a little hazardous. 

However, their survival is crucial for our race. You can prefer to thrive on all the blossoms that entice bees, as mentioned above or search for the ideal one as per the setting in your region. It’s better if everyone tries to protect them by developing a paragon spot for the survival of bees. 

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