The best dry fruits for a diabetes-friendly diet

While looking for diabetes-friendly fruits, you are actually keeping your blood sugar within an adequate range. Several kinds of fruits are stuffed with vitamins, minerals, and fibre as well. Apart from regulating blood sugar levels, they decrease the risk of developing diabetes. Fruits are moreover good for your overall health, fights inflammation, and more. But, while preparing a fruit basket on your kitchen table for a diabetes-free diet, act smartly about the carbohydrates in it. The popular bruits that battle diabetes is given below:


It does not matter which berry you choose; whether it is strawberries, blueberries, or any kind of berry you want, you can get indulged. Berries are considered to be a diabetes superfood because they are stuffed with fiber and antioxidants. Moreover, it is difficult to resist the popping of berries inside the mouth. You may opt for fruit basket online delivery services and look for fresh berries. Add berries in a parfait, with other layers of fruit with regular nonfat yogurt. It can be served as a dessert or breakfast for treating diabetes.

Tart cherries:

A single cup of cherries got the essential amount of carbs and calories. While choosing a dry fruit basket online, do not forget to add the cherries. They are known for battling inflammation. Also, they are full of antioxidants which help to combat cancer, heart disease, and a lot more. You can purchase these fruits as dried, frozen, canned, or fresh. But several dried and canned fruits have added sugar, which can spike the blood sugar. So, before purchasing, do not forget to check the labels.

Juicy and sweet peaches:

Juicy and fragrant peaches serve as a treat for warm weather. It can also be included in a diabetes-friendly diet chart. It contains the right amounts of calories, carbohydrates, vitamins, potassium, and other essential nutrients. The fruit has its own deliciousness but can also be tossed onto iced tea for a fruitful twist. For a diabetes-friendly snack, you can puree peach slices with crushed ice, low-fat buttermilk, and a pinch of ginger or cinnamon for making a smoothie.


Apricots are the perfect fruit staple for the sweet summer and are also an ideal addition to a diabetes-free meal. It contains all the essential carbohydrates, vitamins, calories, and fibre. Apricots are best served when mixed into cold or hot cereal. Or you can toss some diced fresh apricots in salads as well.


We all are familiar with “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Toss one in your tote bag or purse on the go. A medium-sized apple is a perfect fruit choice. It contains the correct quantity of calories, carbs, and it is stuffed with fibres. It is better not to peel the apples as the skins are nutritious with heart-protective antioxidants and extra fibre.


Oranges are filled with Vitamin C that you will need in a single day. Carbohydrates and calories are also there. Oranges are known for normalizing blood pressure. Oranges can be consumed as juice, or you can have them into pieces. Oranges are a perfect addition to your diabetes-free diet chart.


Try to have fruits as a whole in the natural form. Avoid processed fruits or syrups as much as possible as they may spike your blood sugar. If you are suffering from diabetes, you may add the above-mentioned fruits to your fruit basket to lower the risks of diabetes complications. You may opt for MyFloralKart to get exclusive and fresh quality fruits. They have you all covered.