Memorable Birthday Gifts for Kids That Are Sure to Make Their Day

If you ever reminisce about your childhood days, your birthday will surely be one of the moments you treasure the most. As kids, no celebration can be compared to your birthday. 

The expectations of a great party with all your friends, trendy songs that everyone knows the lyrics to, fun games to keep your friends entertained, and delicious food to fill you up are perhaps the general memory of every birthday as a child.

Are you confused as to what to gift kids? Read on to find out all about the gifts in trend, from funky cakes to more generic gift items.

Quirky Cakes

Cakes are the highlight of every birthday. Irrespective of the size of the party, a cake is a significant component of a birthday party.

Make this centrepiece your gift for your beloved child or family member. Cakes with images and custom 3D figures made from fondant are all the rage. This is a great way to bring the kid’s favourite cartoon, person, or activity as a part of the party.

You can even go a step further and customize the entire party based on a theme and have the cake represent the same. A simple search for online cake delivery in Gandhinagar will result in a gift that all the party attendees will love.

Assorted Chocolates

Kids like nothing more than chocolate. Parents often dissuade their kids from eating too many as a precautionary move, but for kids, it seems like a sinful delight that they are not given as frequently as they would prefer.

Birthdays are great occasions to indulge kids. Ordering a chocolate bouquet online makes gifting easy and makes the child extremely happy.


You can give kids chocolates, cakes, or craft supplies, but they only serve as fleeting holders of interest. Kids treasure their toys and often find it difficult to share them with their peers. Giving a child more toys on a special day makes them remember the toy as a gift with special meaning and adds to their collection that never seems to satisfy them.

Based on the kid’s tastes, you can pick a toy that they will love. This could be an outdoor activity like skating, basketball, football, etc. For kids that enjoy peaceful games, indoor games are great gifting options. A deck of cards, board games, cars, and remote-controlled toys are options that kids tend to love. 

Or you can take the easy route and gift the child a combination of their favourites, a teddy bear with flowers and chocolate. This will only multiply their joy threefold!

Craft Supplies

Identifying a natural talent early on can only be done by giving children the tools to explore and experience art forms. Introducing art and craft to their lives early on gives them more time to learn and improve themselves. 

What’s better than providing children supplies to explore their interests and discover a new hobby?


Finding gifts for kids may seem difficult initially, but it is not as complicated once you identify the many available options. A general idea of the kid’s preferences will help narrow down the option even more quickly.

Using the services of MyFloralKart, this process can be made easier and less time-consuming while sitting at home. They also deliver the gift right to the recipient’s doorstep, making it a quick and efficient service provider.