Make the Bachelorette Party Extra Special With Cakes and Flowers

What gives a bachelorette party its charm? The cakes and flowers! You can never expect a bachelorette party to blow up without a delicious cake and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. 

Are you planning to make the bachelorette party of your best friend incredibly exclusive and unforgettable? If yes, then ditch the regular cakes and flowers and checkout out these special ideas to elevate the party incredibly. 

What cake ideas can you select?

Here are some stunning cake ideas you can try for your friend’s bachelor party.

Get a Story Cake to tell a story

As the name suggests, the Story cake coveys a story. These cakes usually come in multiple tiers, where each tire depicts a particular scene of a story. You can use this story cake to portray the meeting story of you and your best friend, or you can portray the story of you and your entire bridal squad. 

To make things a bit more romantic, you can portray the story of the bride and the groom. The flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, red velvet or caramel would be great for the inner filling of the cake. You can also add fruits flowers to the cake to enhance its taste and look.

Shower happiness with the Rainbow Cake 

If you cannot decide on a single-coloured cake, the multicoloured Rainbow cake would be a great option to go for. Bright, colourful and dazzling, the Rainbow cake would be a combo of all these. This cake comes with a vanilla frosting on the exterior paired with the seven rainbow-coloured layers on the inside. 

You can go for customizations, such as changing the vanilla frosting with a rainbow-coloured frosting or adding additional toppings of the bride’s favourite fruit. Going for a rainbow-themed bachelorette cake would symbolize happiness, peace and pride, making the party successful. 

What flower ideas would be the best to avail of?

Have a look at the following flower ideas that can make the party extra special.

Choose the evergreen Red Rose

A bouquet of blooming red roses is perfect for every occasion. The bachelorette party would be a great hit with the red roses. You can decorate the entire venue with gorgeous bouquets of red roses to give an overall romantic aura to the event. 

If you wish to go a little extra, create a beautiful tiara of red roses. Undoubtedly, the bride would love that! Speaking of extras, you can even decorate the party cake with red roses. Get the flower delivery from the best florist in Ernakulam to ensure that you get the best delivery service.

Carnation bouquets are always beautiful

If you wish to create a colourful theme for the bachelorette party of your friend, the carnations would be the perfect match. These beautiful and delicate flowers come in various lucrative shades of pink, purple, white, red, and orange. So, send flowers to Alappuzha with the best floral delivery service and bring waves of colours to the venue. 

Presenting the bride with a bouquet of colourful carnations to signify the upcoming rays of colour into her life would be the best choice ever! 


Go for these special cakes and flower ideas to make the bachelorette party of your darling friend even more special. 

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