Funny Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Valentine’s day is almost around the corner. If you are dating someone, you may be looking for a precious gift to give them. However, you are also a little quirky and fun-loving, which makes your personality very interesting. So, you might think out of the box to make your Valentine’s day with your partner not just romantic but funny as well. Because the best couples are the ones able to smile, laugh, and live together, we have curated some amazing funny valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend

  1.     T-shirt of your Picture

Why did not gift your man a T-shirt with your picture on it? It is not just funny but a very sweet gesture too if they wear it. Give them a dare to wear it the whole day when you spend time with them. It will be interesting to see how they will pull it off, wearing your picture and roaming around. They are surely going to be stunned by your selection.  

  1.     Personalized Greeting Card

Greeting cards are way too adorable to read, so when you make a greeting card add some punch line. Don’t make the card way too emotional, such that they cry or feel overwhelmed. Instead, create some spark, some laughter by adding funny memories, quotes that make them laugh. They are surely going to love reading the greeting card.  

  1.     Photo frame

Having a boyfriend is having a perfect selfie partner. You probably have an array of funny photos of you two. So, why not mix and match, make a collage and create a frame? Each photo has a special story, a scene, that will make them recollect the good old days. They will have a joyous time watching the frame and placing it somewhere safe. 

  1.     13 Reasons Why

The famous series can be used as a theme to show them 13 Reasons why you are the best for them. It should be from your side and why you are best for them needs to be explained in 13 letters. You can use a jar with 13 sheets to give them reasons. They will have a laughable time going through all the messages written in it.  

  1.     Funny Theme Cake

Anything that you feel is a funny and interesting theme can be picked for the cake. For example, you can gift them an online cake order in Indore that says “Forever Booked by Her” “I am Never Going to be Single” “I Tolerate You”. There are so many crazy ideas that you can use to add a theme to your cake. Why go only romantic on Valentine’s day when you can think of something new and unique.  


Funny feelings overpower romantic feelings. When you have fun, laughter, and a lot of joy, those memories are remembered the most. Try to make Valentine’s occasion very exciting and not too boring or overwhelming. Gift them funny gifts and see how they smile because of you.