5 Senses Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

When its valentine’s day, you are always looking up for option to do something out of ordinary! Something extra, fascinating, lovable and quite surprising too. This romance week, why not make every moment romantic? A sensual, sweet, charming and quite intimae gift ideas will be the best pick for your man. To get some amazing ideas, here are top 5 senses valentine’s day gift for husband.

What is 5 senses gift?

The idea behind 5 senses is brilliant! It is a gift hamper that is in a way appealing your partner’s 5 senses, that is touch, smell, taste, sound and sight! A yummy chocolate jar will be a gift for their taste and a soft blanket will be sense of touch.

Gift for Sight

Photo Collage

A cute photo collage will be a good deal. You can add all the amazing memories in the photo frame in it. This will not only be a pleasing, but is definitely worth your money! Photo collages can never go wrong, they present themselves.

Gift for Sound


Electronic gadget and accessories are a great pick, only thing is they are costly. So, if you can afford to buy costly products, why not go for headphone or earphones. One that is sensational and can satisfy their music cravings. It will be a great gift for those who love gaming and are into it. Also, music addicts will have a good time listening from your headphones.

Gift for Taste

Cakes & Chocolates

Who doesn’t sweet romantic cakes? For valentine’s day, cake that are shaped as a heart will be a good choice. Heart shaped red velvet cakes will make a lot of sense! You can also go for other flavors like blueberry, mulberry, mixed fruit and chocolate. It is best if you pick a trendy flavor, one that they will love, and not something they aren’t fond of. If not cakes, you can prefer chocolates too, as everyone adore chocolates. If you know your guy is a sweet craver, why not gift him a hamper overloaded with sweet treats. It can have chocolates, mini cakes, or cupcakes.

Gift for Touch | Smell | Sight

Flower bouquet

The best part about flowers is, they add to the senses of sight, touch, smell all at once. They look amazing, add romance in the relationship and also affordable. Gorgeous lily flower bouquets will be pleasing, charming, romantic, aesthetically sweet! What else do you want; they will tend to make your impression worth it for them. Fresh, handpicked, well blossomed flowers have always been a choice, since the traditional time. It is a way to make your love, bond even stronger, better and exciting.

The 5 senses Valentine’s day will can be anything. But it should have a personal touch to it to make the gift more lovable. Your love should know that there is no way better than to be with you and feel happy.